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Saturday, November 6, 2010

AOT - One Stop Mexican Restaurant Tour - Separate Tracks!


Due to the outpouring of support for our recent Live PA, Army of Techno's One Stop Mexican Restaurant Tour. I have broken it up into individual tracks for your listening pleasure. Here they are:

Track 0 - The Optimist Intro
Track 1 - We Are The Same
Track 2 - Hip Hop Dibbity Bop
Track 3 - Mind Control(Tony Romo)
Track 4 - Mandatory Evacuation
Track 5 - The Anthem
Track 6 - In 2010
Track 7 - Bomb Insurgence(Better Today Mix)
Track 8 - I Wanna Drive Your Bus(Redondo Beach Mix)
Track 9 - More Tunes
Track 10 - United Banks of America (Big Money Big Bank Mix)
Track 11 - User Pattern 88
Track 12 - Alternative Energy
Track 13 - The Anthem Reprise (Karl Rove's Mom Mix)
Track 14 - User Pattern 73
Track 15 - The Anthem (MLK 2K10 Mix)
Track 16 - Wake Up America

And if you want to listen to the set as God intended here it is in
one big stinky file:

Here are some pics I found on my iPhizzy:

I hope you are happy,

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