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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Event Review: Interface 26


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Mind Control @ 8 AM

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United Banks of America (52 Week Low Mix)
Alternative Energy (MCCK Remix)

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United Banks of America (Andrew in Space Mix)
Terrible Died in the Bahamas

Now for our impressions of the show...

Nice open high ceiling warehouse with three screens for visuals, and these crates that looked like something that you hide behind in Metal Gear. I kept wondering what was inside them. Bijan and Co. did a great job with the visuals all night. I guess he uses a camera to film the screen and gets some kinda feedback loop that he then adds effects to, very cool. They also did some very minimal things with the spotlight that were awesome. Also was amusing to see DrumCell tell some guy with glowsticks on strings to stop, he was truly a distraction. Maybe if he was dancing with fire, they would have let him keep going...

So we got there for part of Viktor's set, then got to see a hell of a Live PA by Derek Michael. He did a great job increasing the BPM throughout his set, getting it up to 150 or so and then dropping some killer breakbeats. Up next was Silent Servant, throwing down another solid set. The headliner was Sandwell, a very cool Live PA. Subversive, Developer, and Fabian closed the evening out.

So you probably saw us last night, handing out free stickers that say technosucks.com, warcession.com, and armyoftechno.com. When we were getting ready to go to the party last night, MCCK and I were planning for contingencies if people hated the technosucks.com stickers. There were a few people that didn't like them, but for the most part people understood just how awesome they were (including the droids.) One lovely lady, Roni, allowed us to affix one of our stickers to her booty. She was a fabulous billboard for our website throughout the night. But not everyone was feeling the love... A young woman, Mimsy, took offense to the technosucks.com sticker on the back of my shirt and reacted with anger and violence towards the end of Silent Servant's set. She ripped it off my shirt, held it up to me, showed it to DrumCell and then tore it up. I told her she was the person who I feared I would run into and proceeded to give her an AOT sticker. DrumCell found the stickers hilarious. Truly good stuff.

Now some arbitrary rankings of the party.
(1 being the worst, 10 the best)

Women: 8
Beats: 9
Booze: 7
Visuals: 9
Detroitness: 8
Temperature: 7
Air Quality: 4
Safety of Venue: 8
Rave Muck on the Floor: 6
Color of Rave Snot: 3
(We blew our noses the next morning for this test)
MCCK: Black PC: Greenish Grey


Congratulations to Droid Behavior, it's a new high score!
Hopefully Interface 27 will get even higher marks.
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