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Saturday, November 13, 2010

PC - Bored


I produced a new track on Reason. It is called Bored. 100 BPM, hard to classify the genre... Sounds faster than it is. It is 19 minutes and 52 seconds long. This is what happens when I jam. I can't break it into separate parts because it is one track. So deal with it. This is the first track in a new series I will be calling the Dagobah System.

PC - Bored.mp3



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Event Review: Cajmere - Basic @ Sullivan Room

Did you receive a technosucks.com sticker?

This Live PA Recording is for you:
The One Stop Mexican Restaurant Tour
- Live @ Lou E Luey's 8-28-10.mp3

Did you receive a warcession.com sticker?

These songs are for you:
United Banks of America (52 Week Low Mix)
Wake Up America

Did we give you both or the armyoftechno.com sticker?

These Studio Live PA mixes are for you:
AOT - Fun Time Mix 16.mp3
AOT - Fun Time Mix 17.mp3

So I am in NYC right now on a business trip, but I had time to check out one of my favorite spots in the city, Sullivan Room. Cajmere, aka Green Velvet, was playing and I was stoked to see him. He did not disappoint. Cajmere is known as one of the best Chicago House DJs in the world, but he threw down some hard techno during this set. He started with some housier beats with slower transitions, but halfway through the set he was spinning the hard shit with flawless mixes. At the very end of the set, he gave the crowd a taste of Green Velvet. Using his headphones as a microphone he performed Flash and La La Land to perfection. It was nice to see how much fun he was having. I can imagine some songs become tiresome to perform, but the crowd was really into it the whole set and we deserved it. I was honored to get to speak with him after the set and he appreciated our technosucks.com sticker very much.

Speaking of the technosucks.com sticker. We elicited some very strong feelings from it. One severely wasted Indian man in a douchey suit decided to tear up the sticker after he read it saying, "Techno Doesn't Suck!" Another couple of folks at the end of the night were the prototypical jaded ravers that wanted nothing to do with the free music that could be had at armyoftechno.com. They were adamantly telling me that Cajmere was a house DJ and that what I had been listening to was house. Techno, House, whatever it was, it was hard as shit. I had a great conversation at the end of the night with a lovely female singer about how the sticker was essentially an IQ test. She proceeded to put the sticker on her fantastic booty. Ask yourself, why would someone hand out a technosucks.com sticker at an electronic music event? You must be this intelligent to listen to AOT. I anoint NYC as Techno City, USA. Sorry Detroit, you know I love you.

Women: 9
Beats: 9
Booze: 7
Visuals: 5
Detroitness: 6
Temperature: 8
Air Quality: 8
Safety of Venue: 8
Rave Muck: 6
Color of Snot: 5 (greenish gray)
(I blew my nose the next morning for this test)


Congratulations to Basic @ Sullivan Room, it's a new high score!
You guys have a great venue, and understand the balance of class and fun. Please comment below, and check out the rest of our posts.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The One Stop Mexican Restaurant Tour - Live PA - 8/28/2010


Well, we threw a party at Lou E Luey's Banquet Hall in Redondo Beach last night... I will post some photos when we get them. In the meantime, here is the mix:

The One Stop Mexican Restaurant Tour - Live @ Lou E Luey's 8-28-10.mp3



Here are some pics our buddy Wongville took:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

PC - User Pattern 88 (Broken Kaoss Mix) & E3


What the United States Soccer team needs more than ever is electronic music. There is a direct correlation between the per capita techno fans and how good a given country is at soccer. Germany, Brazil, England, Spain, Italy, and even Japan have more fans of techno per capita. Screw GDP, let's try to fix something we can. Citizens of the United States, listen to more techno!

Starting with my newest track, which I began production on 5 days ago. My Kaoss Pad acted up during the set, hence the name Broken Kaoss Mix. The BPM starts at 127 with a brief detour to 77 BPM ending at 145 BPM. It is 20 minutes and 3 seconds long. I really like this song, and I hope you do to.

PC - User Pattern 88 (Broken Kaoss Mix.mp3

Also, dharmaharta recorded with some guitar on top of the track. So here is that version:

PC with dharmaharta - 88 broken kaos.mp3

First new track in awhile... Maybe there is more to come. I have to say that previous track Fucking on Flag Day was very inspirational.


One More Thing,

America likes hot chicks and we need a pick me up. Here are some of the photos that our buddy Meatwad and I took at last week's E3.

Hang in there, America.