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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Event Review: Rebel Bass Collective

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So, I went to San Francisco for Memorial Day Weekend and got to check out the underground scene. The location was a basement in Downtown SF. Very cool place, had a couple of chill spots. I was told "womp" is the new genre that is the hotness. The first Live PA disappointed me, he was using Ableton Live but didn't always do a transition. How lazy can you get? No DJ could get away with that. The people at the party liked his beats, so I guess I can't hate on him too much, but as a Live PA myself, I was unimpressed.

Next up with a kickass blonde DJ, who through down some ethnically diverse beats. She killed it. I don't know why, but a few people thought I had coke. Why would a dealer attract attention to himself by handing out stickers? Come on kids, use your brains. And no, I don't want any molly.

Adnan closed out the night with a nice mix of tech-house and techno.

Now some arbitrary rankings of the party.
(1 being the worst, 10 the best)

Women: 7
Beats: 6
Booze: 8
Visuals: 4
Detroitness: 5
Temperature: 8
Air Quality: 4
Safety of Venue: 7
Rave Muck: 8
Color of Snot: 5
(I blew my nose the next morning for this test)


Congratulations to the Rebel Bass Collective for throwing a very enjoyable party with a nice vibe. Hopefully your next party will get even higher marks. Feel free to comment below, and check out the rest of our posts.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

AOTV 4 - United Banks of America


As you all know, we are in the worst recession since 1937.
In March we said that we would unveil a plan as it developed.
The following is a critique all those that are trying
to get us out of this warcession.
We do have a plan, but now is not the time for it.
The politicians and the CEOs are too corrupt and our ideas too pure.
In the meantime, enjoy AOTV 4 - United Banks of America!

Also available in iTunes format, FOR FREE!!!!
United Banks of America (52 Week Low Mix) available in MP3

Thank you and may Gears bless these United Banks of America,