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Saturday, March 26, 2011

PC - RB5xSlowRBCHPMKFast Remix


So this horrible thing happened to music recently. Rebecca Black's Friday has been viewed close to 60 million times and there are numerous remixes, responses, and spoofs popping onto the intertubes. We at AOT determined it was a virus. Sadly. PC was infected sometime in the last week and what follows are very symptomatic of the illness. He is better now.

The Worst Thing To Happen to Music since The Black Eye Peas

The 5X Slower version

Rebecca Black - Friday (Sped Up) Chipmunk Version

I took the 5X slower mix and jammed my 909 tracks underneath it. Then I just tweaked the already high pitched atrosity above with some pitch FX. I am glad this is over and I can move on to playing music again. Rebecca Black's Friday is like a horrible car accident. You can't look away. My advice... Make your own remix, because there must be some genius in how retarded the original is.

My mix is 20 minutes and 53 seconds long.

My favorite part of this musical atrocity is when she talks about what day it is and what day it will be when.


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