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Sunday, March 13, 2011

PC-2140z9021 Mix


I want to say that Army of Techno has a deep respect for Japan. We wish them the best in this time of difficulties worldwide. I recorded a Live PA Mix tonight using Reason 5.0 on my Macbook Pro, my Roland MC-909, my Tascam X-9 Mixer, and the Korg Kaoss Pad. It is long. I started with two of my Reason track "140z" reason files open simultaneously. It was essentially like having two of the same record but you can trigger patterns differently. I later mixed into my new 909 track, "90." It gets wacky this mix, and it is all over the place ending of course with "User Pattern 21" aka "I wanna drive your bus." I get pretty crazy with the sampler towards the middle and end of this 32 minutes and 23 seconds long mix. It is the latest recording since I crash landed in the Dagobah System.


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