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Friday, February 28, 2014

10 years of armyoftechno.com


Today marks the 10th anniversary of armyoftechno.com.  As promised, today we would like to announce the winner of our $5000 contest.  Anthony Hudson of Cincinnati, Ohio has proven to be our number one fan by answering our trivia contest questions with honor and integrity.  He has decided to forgo the prize money and told us he would rather see the company invest in our future growth.  We congratulate Tony on winning our contest and hope that more people will compete in future contests.

This will be the last post on our Google blog.  We are working on some really exciting things at Army of Techno and plan on unveiling them later this year.  Our number one priority is a redesign of  the site.  Many of our other projects will remain behind the scenes until they are ready.  I hope you have enjoyed the last ten years of armyoftechno.com.  We have reached 100s of thousands of listeners and are very humbled by the amount of music that has been downloaded from the site.  Thank you for joining us on our journey from a leaky basement in Ann Arbor to a dock in Long Beach Harbor.

We love all of you.

Stay tuned,

Army of Techno

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