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Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Music Post

We are in the giving mood, hell it's a warcession.
So here it is, our newest promo pack.

AOT - The Song with No Name (The Anthem)
- this song is sample heavy, industrial-sounding techno, at least that is what I think.

AOT - Live @ The Village (MCCK Remix)
- this is a remix of a Live PA by AOT.

AOT - Alternative Energy (MCCK Remix)
- if you like this, please buy our next CD.

AOT - Mind Control @ 8 AM
- PC and MCCK throw down a Live PA mix on reason, and MC-909

:) - The Optimist - Whoops Acid
- Our DJ, The Optimist throws down some of his production skills.

That's all for now. Please voice your opinion about our music.

Everyone should have a google account, they are the one true internet, all hail google.


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